Sunday, August 27, 2017

Solar Panels

The summer of 2010

Solar panels were added to the south side of the roof.  This completes the restoration and additions to the barn.  Now we can just enjoy it!
Below is the invert-er for the solar panels.  The energy goes through the invert-er and is then sent out to the main line to the utility company. It is a maintenance free system. 


Spring of 2009 

Deck is added to the South side of the barn 

The deck runs almost the full length of the barn.  Steps and a walkway were added to provide access from the house.  Steps going to the basement level, now provides access from three levels. 


Thursday, August 24, 2017

New roof

New Roof

It's not known when the roof was replaced last but it needs a new one

Old shingles were removed and it was found to no big surprise that a lot of roof boards, needed to be replaced.


The roof was started in November so the weather provided some challenges.

As you see the roof boards were not replaced with walnut wood, like the original ones.


Finally it's a nice warm day and the shingles can be put on.                                          

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It Is Standing On It's Own!


The barn is straightened and mason work is   finished. There is still more work that will be done but the "Bender boys" will be leaving soon.

Gee, it looks nice!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What A Find!

A horse lost it's shoe

One day Kyle said "here I have something for you" and handed me a well worn and rusty horseshoe. They found several of these in the walls of the barn as they tore them down. He gave me one and they put the rest of them back in the walls as they rebuilt them. This shoe had to have come from a horse that was used at the time the barn was built (1850's). It will hang in a place of honor in the barn.

After the walls were rebuilt, drain tiles were placed around three sides of the barn. The white pipe in the picture is the tile.

   Stones were placed over the tile to add to the drainage. The barn sits near a large spring not far from Liberty Creek, which runs through the center of the farm.

There was lots of outside work but there was just as much going on inside. A new floor that covers the entire upper level of the barn was put in and many support beams had to be replaced. Some of the new support beams came from a dairy barn (built in 1916) that was on the property and was taken down before the house was built. Walnut was a common wood used in that barn but then walnut likes to grow here so why not!

Denny is putting in the new windows, they make the windows themselves, back at their shop.

He is working on the inside of one of the windows at the peak of the barn (don't think those will get washed very often).

A close fit!!! The dirt floor on the lower level had to be dug out and replaced with gravel. They made the one lower level doorways just large enough to get the "Bobcat" through.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mortar And Stones

Oh, so much mortar and stones

A close up view of the hoist that had to be built to move the stones and mortar. The materials are placed in the red pan and then hoisted up to the work area. Not fancy but it helped to get the job done. 

Work continues on the upper level of the barn. Here is the hoist again.

Almost done with the south wall.

Just about to finish the rebuilding of the stone wall. The white tent is being used to store the dry mortar.

The last stones are being put in (a view from inside the barn) place. Yeah!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rebuilding Continues

It is looking a little more stable!

Iron beams were inserted into the wall to re-enforce the wall and upper level floor.

Here is the large doorway on the lower level. All of the bracing is still in place as the walls are being rebuilt.

The lower portion of the South wall is rebuilt. Two door ways were built into this level. One doorway is, small and the other one large enough to get the bobcat through.....more on that later.

Break time on a beautiful fall day!